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Distributor of 3M Abrasives, Respiratory, Adhesive/Tapes & Safety Supplies

Aeroelectronics is proud to distribute 3M brand products, widely known as a cost-effective, dependable source for diverse industrial solutions. Stocked via wholesale distribution are selections from 3M’s abrasives, respiratory protection, adhesives, and personnel safety supplies, including such well-known names as Scotch Tape, Thinsulate, and Scotch-Brite. By stocking via just-in-time delivery, Aeroelectronics can deliver these high quality products at a competitive price with convenient service, allowing the customer to avoid high minimum orders or other unattractive purchase requirements. Gaining easy access to these 3M products has never been easier.

To learn more about the products on offer from 3M, contact Aeroelectronics today.

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3M Adflo Filter
3M Adflo Filter
3M Adflo Respirator
3M Adflo Respirator
3M Transpore Tape
3M Transpore Tape
3M Nexcare Cold or Hot Pack
3M Nexcare Cold or Hot Pack
3M-11458 BX 2oh Diopter Clear and Black_1321248
3M Diopter Clear and Black Protective Glasses
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Some of the more popular 3M products distributed

  • Disposable Respirators
  • Reusable Respirators
  • Powered & Supplied Air Respirators
  • Hearing Protection
  • Protective Communication
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Hand, Pads, Sponges, & Cloths
  • Floor Finishes & Protectors
  • Floor Pads
  • Floor Cleaning & Dusting
  • Griddle & Appliance Cleaning
  • Anti-Slip Tapes & Treads
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